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Kodiak Baptist Mission
1944 East Rezanof Drive
Kodiak, Alaska 99615

Phone: 907-486-4126
Fax: 907-486-5567


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Kodiak Baptist Mission

Serving Kodiak, Alaska Since 1893


Our Mission

As a Christian social service organization in Alaska, the purpose of Kodiak Baptist Mission is to improve the quality of life of children and their families by ministering to their unmet physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs, by following the example set forth in the life of Jesus Christ.

Volunteering in Alaska

Is God calling you to mission work? Today, people all over the world are using their vacations from work, summers out of school, or available personal time to serve in missions in a variety of capacities. Retirement also provides an opportunity for many years of fruitful service. Short and long term volunteering opportunities are available.

The continuous fruition of this ministry depends upon our willingness to allow the Lord to lead us as a body of like-minded believers to where He would have us. We place our confidence in His sovereignty and understand our responsibility to cultivate the wonderful gifts, talents and resources He provides for us in Alaska. We acknowledge the desire He has placed in our hearts to see His vision for Kodiak and Alaska revealed day by day. We pray for the grace to continue the good work He began here so long ago, helping to meet the needs of the people of Kodiak.

Where God is Leading Us

For us at Kodiak Baptist Mission, it is not gold or the natural wonders of Alaska that drew us to work and volunteer here. Rather, it is the adventure of seeing first hand the marvelous work the Lord has established on this rugged little Alaskan island in the North Pacific.  We know where we come from, where we have been, and God continues to lead us into the future. We give Him all the praise and honor, and invite YOU to take part in His ever unfolding vision for Kodiak Island.

Our mission is dependent on volunteers and staff to help manage and maintain Christ centered programs. Volunteers are a vital part of our Mission, providing services that would not otherwise be offered. In turn, volunteers receive valuable training and experience for their work. There are several facets to the KBM program. Perhaps one of them is right for you!


Kodiak Baptist Mission is supported by the financial and in-kind contributions of churches and other Christian organizations throughout the nation and the world. Your financial support would be greatly appreciated.

You can support KBM through purchasing your Christian resources online at Christianbook.com . KBM will receive a 10% commission on all purchases made using our affiliate link!