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Position Opening: Bookkeeper/Office Manager

Kodiak Baptist Mission is in search of a Bookkeeper/Office Manager. The Bookkeeper/Office Manager supervises the office support staff and is responsible...

What Does the Horse Say?

Horses are a big deal at the Kodiak Baptist Mission. Since our beginning in 1893 we have worked closely together...

The Action Never Stops!

The action continues as we transition from summer into fall.

Evangel September 2016

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What are people saying?

  • I trusted the Mission staff with my most valuable treasure, my son. They were able to see his inner beauty and help him to see it in himself as well. He made great friendships and learned a lot. The quality of their staff is remarkable!
  • The teachers are present to the kids with one heart. After 3 years my son has been inspired about science, nature, spirituality, art… all of this emerges from countless moments, activities, and conversations with teachers who deeply care.
  • My time spent at the mission was without a doubt one of the greatest events I’ve experienced! Thanks so much for the opportunity you extended to me!