Rain & Shine



Wind and rain have been our staples here at Kodiak Baptist Mission over the past month. Nevertheless, kids and teachers alike have been smiling and laughing as they run through the downpour or find activities in warmer and drier indoor environments.


Our Executive and Assistant Executive Directors are often seen outside of the barn educating children on the proper way to maneuver a horse. Mounted on horseback with the wind in their faces, these directors and children bring to mind images of pioneers and prospectors searching the hills of early Alaska. Just as the sourdoughs braved the cold and blowing winds in the hopes of a brighter future, so too do our directors as they establish a program in the hopes of educating and developing these kids through skills and the love of Jesus Christ.


The preschools are going strong with numerous different themes and activities stirring kids to discover new and interesting things related to forest creatures, super heroes, detectives, and more! Along the same lines runs the Outdoor Preschool. However, where the themes of indoor preschools have been determined through the interests of kids and teachers, the Outdoor Preschool’s themes shift in conjunction with the weather and the seasons. Without fail, these preschools, clad in neon green rain gear, venture out into the often inclement weather to explore and play.


After school program participants shift inside and outside in order to take advantage of our sporadically beautiful weather and hide from biting rain. Throughout it all, kids participate in different activities and fun clubs operated by our various personnel. This last month featured a toy building club, a farm club, a dance club, and a pirate/ninja club. Every month the clubs change, and kids are able to choose and participate in something completely new.


Our theme for the past month has been Rain & Shine. In all weather, good or bad, we have operated to provide the best care and programs possible to our participants here at KBM. Even in nasty weather, there is beauty to be found, fun to be had, and opportunities to teach about nature, friends and the love of God.


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