The Action Never Stops!

Summer is finally finished, and our year’s programs are getting back into gear. Record highs in summer enrollment have catapulted our programs into a theme of success that we are excited to continue at Kodiak Baptist Mission. In a similar fashion, our fall programs at KBM have had record highs for enrollment. The support and donations from our partners on and off island have been key in enabling us to create excellent childcare spaces and to deliver excellent childcare programs.

This fall has cemented our theme of outdoor exploration in conjunction with strong Christ-focused education. The Outdoor Preschool filled up quickly, and interest led our directors and staff to open a brand new outdoor preschool focused on even earlier adventures in the outdoors with 3-year olds, our youngest kids. In addition, ARK, our after school program, has expanded into the woods with an Outdoor ARK option. In each occasion staff have reported that although they had initial reservations, the kids involved have risen above and beyond their expectations to create safe, creative, collaborative environments.

In all things we give thanks to God for his guiding hand. We thank him for sending supporters and donors that believe in both the outdoors and christian education. We thank him for sending some of the hardest working people in this country as mission teams to prepare the campus in excellence. We thank him for delivering the staff and leadership necessary to carry on our 123 year mission.

Without him we would fail, but “[We] can do all things through christ who gives us strength” (Phillipians 4:13).


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