What Does the Horse Say?

Horses are a big deal at the Kodiak Baptist Mission. Since our beginning in 1893 we have worked closely together with our equine companions to do the work that has needed to be done around our campus. From pulling carts of kids through the snow, to preparing fields for planting, to carrying us through mountains, to assisting us in managing herds of cattle, to maintaining the roads on our grounds, we have always had close ties with horses. After nearly 125 years of operation, things start to change.

While our maintenance tools have shifted from horses and shovels to lawnmowers and backhoes, we still have use for our horses at KBM. These days our horses are still extremely beneficial as they are trained specifically to gently carry the most precious cargo we have here at KBM: our kids. These kids are learning horsemanship skills, many starting at 3 years of age! They are learning under the tutelage of our two horse experts – Executive and Assistant Executive Directors, Johnny Walker and Kelli Foreman. With their combined experience they have worked to provide an environment of excellence for these kids by joining our equine heritage together with our continued commitment to quality education.

With more than 40 children interested in learning to ride and handle horses effectively, there is a huge desire to see this program succeed. Interest has only increased, and so too has grown our interest in providing quality horsemanship education to as many age groups as possible. We are excited for the way that the program has developed, and we are excited to see it develop further.

With our growth has come the need for more help in growing and developing this burgeoning program. If you, or someone you may know, have a love for horses, education, and serving the Lord, please consider coming up and becoming a part of an important part of both our heritage and present-day education at Kodiak Baptist Mission.

Horses have always been at Kodiak Baptist Mission, and we are pleased to say that we are working to make sure that it stays that way.



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