Where We’ve Been

Transformation Story

The 19th Century

In 1867, when Alaska was purchased from Russia, Reverend Sheldon Jackson visited the new territory and was appalled by the condition of the children. He became Commissioner of Education and urged the creation of denominational schools.

Kodiak Baptist Orphanage

In 1886, Ida and Ernest Roscoe, she a missionary and he a teacher, arrived in Kodiak and saw the need for a refuge for children. By July 4, 1893, when they had erected a building on Woody Island and the first orphan was taken in, Kodiak Baptist Orphanage was born.

Moving to Kodiak

After two devastating fires, in 1937 the mission was moved to Kodiak Island.


Each of us faces a time in our faith walk–and some of us, many times–that demands we stand firm in our faith and uphold what we know to be the truth according to God’s Word. In the summer of 1996, KBM had to step back and consider how our Christian mandate was being fulfilled in light of tightening conditions imposed by the state.

staying the course

After thought, prayer, discussion, and more prayer, the board voted to refuse intervention-remediation state funding, which accounted for approximately two-thirds of KBM’s financial support. We are continuing our programs with focuses on prevention as opposed to intervention, continuing to develop innovative new programs to families in Kodiak and, one day, world-wide.

Kodiak Baptist Mission

Today, KBM is a thriving mission situated on 30 beautiful acres on Kodiak Island. Programs are directed to: Prevention; Enabling children to make positive choices and decisions; Providing opportunities to establish a spiritual foundation for their lives; Assisting families to live, work and grow together in Christ.