GEt outside

For both Outdoor Preschool & ARK, we are outside everyday – rain or shine. Parents often comment that they’re surprised at how well their children adapt to the fickle Kodiak weather. Our motto is:

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

What do you want to learn

Nature is our classroom, and our teachers facilitate the learning process. We are passionate about student-driven learning. If kids are excited about a stream they’ve found, we’ll talk about the water cycle. If they notice dew in the morning, we’ll talk about condensation and evaporation.

teamwork makes the dream work

In the woods everyone works together. Building forts, going for hikes, even collecting leaves can be a fun team activity. Kids develop social skills in interesting and significant ways. We want our students to care about others as much as they care about the nature we learn in.